Bird Sightings at Night Sky Lodge

Abundance and Diversity

We've been delighted by the abundance and diversity of the bird life around the Lodge. Virtually every day there's a 'Wow! Look at that' moment and a lunge for the camera. The 30-40 Tui's every morning when the flax is flowering, the White Faced Herons on the lawn in Winter, the family of 20 quail feeding around the property, looking DOWN at the Hawks gliding past the windows. We've kept a list of the birds we've spotted from the verandah and around the Lodge and Kohukohu with some basic details about them

Bellbird - Korimako Endemic In the area Occasionally
Black Swans Introduced From property Occasionally
Black-Backed Gull - Karoro Native From property Frequently
Blackbird Introduced On property Most Days
Californian Quail Introduced On property Most Days
Duck – Mallard Introduced From property Occasionally
Duck - Paradise Introduced On property Occasionally
Eastern Rosella Introduced On property Occasionally
Falcon, Australian Black Introduced Kohukohu area Occasionally
Fantail - Piwakawaka Native On property Frequently
Grey Warbler - Riroriro Endemic On property Occasionally
Kahu - Harrier Hawk Native On property Frequently
Kereru - Native Pidgeon Endemic On property Occasionally
Kotare - Kingfisher Native On property Frequently
Kotuku-Ngutupapa - Royal Spoonbill* Native From property
Magpie Introduced On property Frequently
Morepork - Ruru Native On property Frequently
Myna Introduced On property Most Days
Oystercatcher, Variable - torea tai Endemic From property** Occasionally
Pheasant Introduced On property Frequently
Pied Shag Native From property Frequently
Pukeko Native On property Occasionally
Red Billed Gull Native On property Frequently
Shining Cuckoo - Pipiwharauroa Native On property Occasionally
Sparrow Introduced On property Most Days
Spur Winged Plover Introduced On property Occasionally
Starlings Introduced On property Frequently
Swallow Introduced On property Most Days
Thrush Introduced On property Most Days
Tui Endemic On property Frequently
White Faced Heron Native On property Frequently
Tara - White Fronted Tern Native From property Occasionally
White Heron - Kotuku Native From property Occasionally
Weka Endemic On property Occasionally
White-Eye - Tauhou Native On property Occasionally
Yellow Hammer Introduced On property Occasionally

* Regular sightings in some areas close to Lodge - dependant on time of year
** Many more up the harbour

Fabulous setting and perfect hosts

A beautifully appointed room with amazing views of the Hokianga Harbour. The hosts are so helpful and have all the information to make sure you make the most of your stay. The cooking facilities and dining area provide an exotic setting for a relaxed, romantic experience.

Brigid Ryan (7 May 2017)
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